Trolley Use Payment in Nigerian Airports a National Shame on Stella Oduahs Aviation Ministry

Nigerian airports are the only airports on the surface of this earth where intending and arriving passengers are subjected to illegal payment of N400 for the use of trolley to convey their suite cases and luggage.

This illegal activity is a huge embarrassment to the people of Nigeria. Visitors are confronted with an ugly scene of women sitting in the middle of the arrival hall issuing tickets to arriving passengers.

Foreigners who do not have local currency to pay the illegal N400 are duped into paying in foreign currency.

The contract for this fraud is being perpetrated by a company JACE DARL INVESTMENT.

What is the essence of re branding and decorating the airports when fraud and illegality thrives?
Mrs Stella Oduah was recently embroiled in the fraudulent purchase of 2 Armored BMW cars at an outrageous cost of N255 million, a case for which she has yet to answer because the commander in chief of corruption seems to be shielding her from the arms of the law that will eventually catch up with her, its really no surprise that such an outrageous activity goes on in our airport under the administration of Mrs Stella oduah, one thing that has continually stared us in the face under the administration of this thieving woman is her inadequacies and her lack of drive for development for the airport.

This matter calls for an investigation and i bet it would be no surprise if it turns out the aviation minister is the one behind the company running this shameful and illegal activity openly in the very face of Nigerians, there can be no justification for having to make airport users pay to use trolley when the Aviation Minister wants to drive around in bullet proof cars, we need answers.

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