Stella Oduah is a Princess of Liars and Crooks;Bought Properties in London

We at Public accountability league are unapologetic about our stand on Stella oduah being a princess of liars and crooks and to a very large extent a lot of well meaning Nigerians believe so too, If you happen to have been following the news of the very many atrocities of this woman, i bet you wont be surprised that she bought properties in London, but we are shouting it loud because we have evidence that indeed she bought properties in London, the property valued at £845,000 pounds that's about 228,150,000 Naira is located on 9 Harrowby street London (see documents attached here)

Just imagine the sheer volume of money she would have been stealing to have been able to buy that. The name Stella Oduah has become synonymous with lies, corruption and dishonesty her reckless spending, buying of of bullet proof cars at outrageous price, the total decadence of infrastructure in our aviation industries, her forging of documents and academic certificate to prove that she attended a school never really attended, in the light of the very many people who have been undeserving in the public offices they've held in this country, from the incompetent former EFCC chairman Farida Waziri who claimed to have been an AIG when she wasn't, to the recently sacked chief of staff of president Jonathan, Mike Oghiadomhe whose town people threw a party on hearing the news of his disgraceful sacking, we are not surprised Stella oduah became a minister but we know she never deserved to be a minister, she lacked the finesse, the know how and the true patriotism to carry out duties in that position and all the various atrocities she committed has shown just that, we only hope that in not too long a time the EFCC will cast their net over this woman and drag her to jail where she deserves to be for stealing and misappropriating public funds. Many more criminals like Mohammed Adoke will fall too

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