Pointblanknews: Jackson Ude The Face of An Online Fraudster

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In a country where corruption is the order of the day and politicians have looted the country to a point of recession, the likes of Jackson Ude the publisher of pointblanknews and people like him have a field day picking on one politician after the other to blackmail, the model he adopts is a simple one, he brandishes the threat of publishing incriminating evidence and stories of a politicians corruption, a typical corrupt office holder pays him to not publish such a story and he smiles to the bank and in the case when a politician is not forthcoming Jackson Ude goes full throttle attacking the person with series of unverified and unsubstantiated reports just to malign the image of the politician and often times he is eventually paid to stop the stories.

In the past he has been accused of blackmailing T.A Orji of Abia state, Uche Ekwunife of Anambra State, stories of his blackmailing antics have been published on Sahara reporters a good number of times, and we have it on good authority that he pleaded with Sahara publisher to remove the stories, after publishing a story "Okonjo-Iweala buys N1.2 billion Abuja mansion!" which was targeted at damaging the image of Okonjo-Iweala certainly as a result of her refusal to fall for his cheap blackmail antics, Okonjo-Iweala sued Jackson Ude for libel.

In recent times Jackson Ude has gone underground scamming and blackmailing politicians and he has also become a blackmailer for hire, used by politicians to attack opposition and supposed enemies, he has become adept in the game of tarnishing the image of public servants in return for monetary gains, in due time we hope the government will do the needful and bring the likes of Jackson Ude to justice for perpetrating blackmail online.

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