Peter obi built multi million Naira Next shopping mall Abuja as Governor of Anambra State

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The information has always been out in the open that Peter Obi financed the construction of multi billion naira next shopping complex in Abuja with government funds, but no one cared to listen, the noise of Peter Obi's supporters was louder than everyone else. But the truth cannot be held down forever.

There is no doubt that Peter Obi was strategic in his embezzlement plan, the wealth of evidence and inside source information clearly indicates that prior to Peter Obi becoming governor of Anambra state, he took a strategic step of relinquishing all his shares in the company next cash and carry limited in order to distance himself from the company, the same company eventually built the state of the art shopping mall in Abuja. He also resigned his position as Executive director and board member.

It is way beyond comprehension to think that during Peter Obi's tenure Anambra did not see any reasonable development yet in the manner of most of our greedy politicians Peter Obi invested in the building of such a massive edifice that is way more exotic in aesthetic than most of the structures in his own state.

We at Public acccountability league will not be silenced and we shouting loud and blowing the whistle hard for whoever cares to listen EFCC, ICPC to carry out a full investigation on Peter Obi, they should follow the money trail and it's certain there would be trove of information to prosecute him

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