THE Lies Of Senator Mohammed Misau Against the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris

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Nigerians all over the world have weekly been entertained by Bukola Saraki led circus senate. Most recently a Nigeria POLICE deserter Senator Isah Misau has been on the front burner to discredit the Nigeria POLICE force led by a fine gentleman IGP Ibrahim Idris. It is laughable to say that the IGP collects billions of Naira from oil companies and institutions. Police all over the world have VIP protection units that caters for diplomatic mission and this also extends to expatriate staff of oil companies and multinational companies.
In return these institutions donate vehicles and stipends for operations to fuel vehicles, feeding and allowances for officers and men. Even officers and men posted on UN duties are paid allowances in foreign currency outside their usual wages.

It's unbelievable that Misau and his cohorts will expect that institutions where men are posted to safeguard lives and properties will not contribute to the welfare of the police. Even the Nigeria Army JTF operating in the Niger Delta are provided with vehicles and speed boats by oil companies.
The Nigerian senate is known for its many dubious probes with
intent to armtwist and extort money.

Previous probes like crude oil swap, customs etc are avenues to extort money from the people being probed. Nothing comes out from their probes.
Senator Saraki knowing that IGP IBRAHIM IDRIS cannot be manipulated to do his bidding has resorted to campaign of calumny against him by using a willing tool in the person of Senator Misau.

The best advice for IGP Idris is to call their bluff and face his constitutional duty of safeguarding Nigeria and fighting crimes. As the 2019 election approaches he should remain focused and instiĺ discipline in the nation.

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