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Senator Andy Uba is no stranger to controversies, and in all these years of Andy Uba courting one controversy or the other, from one court case to another, nothing decisive seems to have been done to prosecute this corrupt senator, information recently came out that Andy Uba was barred from entering the UK due to his criminality, he is currently engulfed in a court case of failure to pay the sum 1.5M to a consultant he engaged sometimes ago, then there is also the issue of certificate forgery for which he was indicted in 2007, Uba claimed to have a masters degree from California state university which turned out to be false after investigation was carried out, he also claim to have obtained a doctorate degree from Buxton University which is equally a scam considering that his first degree is shrouded in mystery.

Andy Uba has no secondary school certificate as confirmed by WAEC (attached letter).

This goes to confirm that the certificate he is parading is forged
The question then is why has he not been arrested, why has the efcc not arrested Andy Uba? Public Accountability league is calling on the efcc and all other prosecuting agencies to arrest and prosecute Senator Andy Uba for the many allegations that have been leveled against him, it's been long overdue.



He can do anything and get away with it maybe the son of the owner of Nigeria even waec and his doing anyhow open ur eyes, even if they make him the king he can't bring anything good. He is a total scam man, even the word change is not for him

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